Why Abraham Lincoln Was the Best US President…


The United States of America has seen various presidents, one of the best among these was born on 12 February 1809. He was named “Abraham Lincoln” and unlike many others, he was not given a middle name. Both of his parents were farmers and his mother died when he was just a nine-year-old kid.


Having a height of 6’5’’ he was the tallest president and also the first to be born on America’s western side. He is also the only president who has a patent and also the first to have a beard.He was also fond of his stepmother and had a love for reading since his childhood. He was a self-taught lawyer which means that he became a lawyer without a formal degree. His formal education lasted three years only. Apart from being a self-taught lawyer, Abraham Lincoln had also served in the military and has also worked as a postmaster. He used to wear a really long hat under which sometimes he would keep the important documents.


Abraham Lincoln was the father of four children and belonged to a Baptist family. He was believed to be a religious man and considered himself a Christian. He believed in God. He used to be nicknamed as “Honest Abe” because of his inability to lie. He was also very fond of the animals.


He brought an end to the slavery which is a remarkable achievement in the history of mankind and the Morrill Act of 1862 was also signed by him.


He was chosen among the candidates like Salmon Chase and William Seward in the nomination of the Presidency. The election of 1860 had caused a split in the Democratic Party but Lincoln was able to defeat it. Slavery was one of the issues of the split. The Civil War which began in 1861 had come to an end in 1865 just a few days before the death of Abraham Lincoln.


There are also various famous quotes and speeches of Abraham Lincoln which can serve as a source of motivation for the youth of today. Abraham Lincoln had so many amazing qualities which made him an interesting person, being a self-taught lawyer is not an ordinary thing. He can be a source of inspiration for millions of people. The world today needs such heroes who are famous for their honesty, the world today is so fast moving and it seems like being a part of some race.


Even the presidents of today are a lot different from those belonging to the past. A president like Abraham Lincoln is worth mentioning because of his amazing characteristics and intelligence. He was witty and clever and was able to win the Presidency despite being born in a poor family. Reading up on such amazing people gives a hope to a normal person that it is possible to be successful.Lincoln served as the president of the United States since 1861 until the time of his death. He died on April 15, 1865.


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